Saturday, September 20, 2014

OWH Day 2014 at Scrapbook Art

Hi, everyone!

It's good to be back home -- especially when you get to spend the first day back at Scrapbook Art's 2014 OWH Card-Making Event. Jeri and her group are such wonderful supporters of our troops. Moreover, Terri, the owner of SBA, is a wonderful supporter of Jeri and her gals.

Jeri's team meets weekly to make cards and prep card kits for days like today. With their last shipment, they have sent over 9600 cards to OWH. During last year's event, participants assembled over 1900 cards. With the drawdown, a mere 1200 cards were assembled today -- some of which to be delivered to other local organizations. Only 1200... LOL!

Regardless of the number of cards assembled, a great time was had by all -- even our male participants. Thanks to everyone for a fun day! Special thanks to Carol for offering complimentary seated massages to muscle-weary card makers for the third straight year.  :)


  1. Thank you for the pictures and all your help yesterday! We had a great turn out. Our card group has become very much a group effort the last couple of years. We have a prep team of around six to eight people that work to design and prepare the cards for our monthly gathering and our annual mega card day, great crafty people! We cannot thank Terri, owner of Scrapbook Art, for hosting us on a weekly, monthly and annual basis. If you are looking for scrapbook and card supplies, please support her store, she has one of the few small businesses for this type of product.

  2. Jeri, Your group is amazing, and the day was so much fun! You are 100% right about Terri at SBA -- she has been a wonderful supporter of OWH. It would be great if all OWHers in the Central Ohio could make a point of shopping at SBA.